B-parking has three different parking locations in de area. Each location has different rules regarding short-term parking. You can park for a short term at each location, but you need a reservation for B.2 and B.3. In addition, you may only park for more than 2 hours at B1. So if you need more than 2 hours, park at B.1, because after two hours the barrier does not open at B.2 and B.3.


// B. Parking


If you want to park at B.2, you need a reservation. You can make this at our website ParkBeagle. Find the correct location and fill in your details. You will receive a code by email. 

If you already are a B2 member then one employee of your company has an operator account to make reservations in Parkres. Contact them to make a reservation. If you want an extra account for Parkres, please contact us. 

If you want vouchers for B.1, you can contact info@parkingyou.nl. Let us know which vouchers you want and how many. The minimum is 50 vouchers. You can choose between 4 and 8 hours.


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