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B-parking has three different parking locations in de area. Each location has different rules regarding short-term parking. You can park for a short term at each location, but you need a reservation for B.2 and B.3. In addition, you may only park for more than 2 hours at B1. So if you need more than 2 hours, park at B.1, because after two hours the barrier does not open at B.2 and B.3.

2 hours or more
2 hours or less


- Per hour it's €2,- maximum €12,- per day

- No reservation necessary 

- Pay with debit at the ticket booth

- Entry and exit by license plate registration

- Subscriber can buy exit vouchers for visitors below 

- 4 hours €6,- or 8 hours €12,- incl. VAT (Minimum 50 vouchers)

- Open 24/7 


- Parking for max 2 hours 

- Per hour it's €1,-  -

- You will receive a code to enter the parking location.

- Only one car can get in with this code at the same time


- Open from Monday to Friday 08:00 - 20:00 



- Parking for max 2 hours 

- You have to make a reservation at the frontdesk of B3-

- Open 24/7

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If you want to park at B.2, you need a reservation. You can make this at our website ParkBeagle. Find the correct location and fill in your details. You will receive a code by email. 

If you already are a B2 member then one employee of your company has an operator account to make reservations in Parkres. Contact them to make a reservation. If you want an extra account for Parkres, please contact us. 

If you want vouchers for B.1, you can contact Let us know which vouchers you want and how many. The minimum is 50 vouchers. You can choose between 4 and 8 hours.

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